Counseling for Children

Raising children in these times can stress even the best of parents. It is reasonable to have questions and concerns throughout this process. Jewish Family Service believes that many worries can be relieved by a consultation with one of our licensed therapists or counselors.

Reasons For Parents To Call JFS

  • Behavioral problems in school
  • Power struggles in the family
  • Sibling rivalry/new child in the family
  • Homework problems
  • Adjustments to stepfamily life
  • Behavior changes at home or school
  • Withdrawal or self esteem issues
  • Learning differences: ADD, Dyslexia, Developmental or Educational Delay

The Process

JFS clinicians will spend a few sessions assessing your child in the family and/or school setting. This will include an evaluation of how your family can help. Recommendations will be provided to parents and may include:

  • Information for parents to aid their child through the development process
  • Plans to work with teachers and other school professionals by providing ideas for helping this student
  • Ideas for collaboration with other professionals for an integrated treatment/ management program
  • Counseling or psychotherapy for the child and/or other family members
  • Information and referral services to other treatment or support programs

For More Information:

For an appointment call:
(713) 667-9336

For additional information, please contact Sophie Gluzkater via email at or by phone at (713) 667-9336 x127.

Children's Mental Health Services at JFS are supported by United Way of Greater Houston and, in part, with a grant from The Lillian Kaiser Foundation.

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